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Buying a Business – Due Diligence

Many prospective business owners decide that going down the startup route is too slow and risky, instead deciding to purchase an existing business.

While there is also risk with purchasing an existing business spending money on having a professional support you through this process is money well spent.

This process is known as Due Diligence, effectively your accountant and lawyer spend some time investigating the information you have provided to validate the viability of the business and assess whether the sale price is value for money.

Step 1

Review the Information Memorandum – for a one-off fee $950 plus GST we will review the information you have been provided and give you an indication of the suitability of the purchase. This includes a meeting to answer any questions you may have, and what your initial offer might look like. We also provide a checklist of additional information you require before you proceed.

Many of our customers have found that this initial fee saves a much large cost, as issues are identified early.

Step 2 Due Diligence - The Sale and Purchase agreement is signed, and you are into full due diligence. This is when we work with you to fully investigate the financial and other information provided to understand what operating this business will be like for you.
Step 3 The Financial Plan – most prospective business owners need to borrow some funds to facilitate the purchase. The bank or other lender will require a forecast budget and cash flow statement to assess the viability of the business.

Download our Guide to buying a Business here

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Annual Accounts
Financial Health Check
GST Returns
Tax Management
Financial Forecasts-
Management Reports2 Monthly2 MonthlyMonthly
Advisory Board Meetings2 per year6 per year12 per year
90 Day Action Plans-
Phone & Email SupportUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Xero SupportUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Suitable forBusiness owners with up to $500k turnover with limited Admin supportBusiness owners looking to keep on top of their affairs and understand how their business is performingBusiness owners looking to accelerate growth in their business
Monthly Fees (Plus GST)$400$1,500$3,000
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